EPAAS allows you keep track of inventory and distribution!

Be in control

Epaas helps you with dropshipping

Billing and Receivables!

Stay on top of all of your finances and stay profitable. Using our reports, you can filter out things such as customer, product, or projects to see how your business is doing.

Billing and Receivables


Manage your entire inventory with our system. No matter if you have 50 items or 100,000 items across multiple locations.

Inventory erp

Automated Re-Ordering

No body wants to forget to reorder and then not have inventory to sell. This is why there is an option when your inventory hits a threshold, to automatically raise material requests and send out purchase orders to your suppliers.Automated Re-Ordering

HR and Payroll

All of your employees can apply for leave as well as claim expenses through EPAAS. This helps to streamline your HR and Acounting. In addition to this you can manage training, recruiting, appraisals and do other things through EPAAS.

Purchasing and Sales

What good is any software without being able to keep track of any of your sales or Purchasing. With EPAAS you can send specific Quotations to your prospects when they are ready to buy from you. Your business can keep track of the items to buy by raising Material Requests. As well as putting purchasing reecipts into your system when you receive your products.Purchasing in EPAAS