Retail or restaurant?

We got you covered!

Cloud Based

You will not lose your information due to a local incident such as a fire and our cloud is redundant for maximum uptime.

Internet going out

If your internet goes out. Do not worry, you can still use the POS.

Keep track of your profit and loss

Our built in analysis tools will help you to determine what area of your business can be doing better.

If you have a Retail company, then Epaas has nearly everything you need!

retail pos

Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations that you need to manage. EPAAS allows you to handle all of your operations remotely as well as analyze real time reports and communicate effectively between all of your locations no matter if they are in the same city or across the country.

muliple stores


The EPAAS POS is a touch-friendly Point of Sales Interface which is linked to your accountin, payments, as well as inventory. In your settings, you can manage things such as Terms and Conditions, and Taxes. Our POS also works offline and will sync when your internet connection is re-established.


Accounting and Sales

Tracking your receivables and doing all of your accounting in EPAAS allows you to stay on top of your finances. The POS and Inventory are linked to accounting to help to streamline all of your operations. In additions, gain insights into your best selling products which will allow you to make more informed decisions.



Manage your entire inventory with our system. No matter if you have 50 items or 100,000 items across multiple locations.

Inventory erp