Web Hosting Built for Growing Businesses. All Included

SSD VS Hard Drives

Think of SSD's as Corvettes that can transfer data at 500mb/s vs a HDD which compares to a family van that can top at less than 64-100mb/s. We Only use SSD's in our servers because They help pages to load faster which can Increase your conversion rate. The average user will use less than a 100mb of disk space for the websites, email and other data. Fun Fact: Customers will begin to rapidly leave your site if it does not load in less than 3 seconds.

Built for demanding websites

Our servers are built to handle the demands of a large website and some ecommerce sites.

Reseller Hosting

We now include reseller hosting with all accounts. It was a feature that many people asked us to consider and we have delivered on that. If you need additional resources then contact us and we will provide you with all the resources you need to succeed.

No overselling

One trick that web hosting companies use both big and small is overselling of resources. With us, our priority is our customers and we will never over sell our resources.

Get access to one of the top web hosting platforms

Set up everything that you need to succeed.

We have Perfomance Optimized everything down to the millisecond

Our founder used to run a web hosting company and knew what to do to optimize the service, this includes not overselling services.

400+ Ready-to-install apps and more

Includes forums, blogs, ecommerce, etc.